Bingo is a fun filled game played by one or multiple players. Some believe that bingo is a luck based game while others believe that the success is based on the tricks and strategies we follow. Like other gambling games, bingo also has set of rules and regulations to be followed. Bingo is known as game of chance in which the players will draw some cards and match the random number announced by announcer to form a sequence in vertical, horizontal or diagonal form. The person who forms the sequence first will have announced as the winner of the game. The winner may be of multiple people. Once the sequence is formed, the player will shout as BINGO!!! There are different types of Bingo games found all over the world. The main categories are American Bingo, United Kingdom and Australian Bingo, Electronic Bingo and Online bingo. Nowadays online Bingo has become very popular than gambling halls.

online bingo

It is important to understand the simple bingo card game to know how this is players and give you a clear understanding of the game.

  1. Set up:

Check how many players you have and deal the cards accordingly.

If there are 6 players, then deal out 8 cards each and 4 cards are left over

If there are 7 players, then deal out 7 cards each and 3 cards are left over

If there are 8 players, then deal out 6 cards each and 3 cards are left over

If there are 9 players, then deal out 5 cards each and 7 cards are left over

If there are 10 players, then deal out 5 cards each and 2 cards are left over

  1. Step 2

Once the cards have been dealt out to your players, now get another set of cards. And spread the cards in front of you. Now you are all set to start the game.

  1. Get ready

Now ask all the players to lay their cards with face up. Now the caller will slowly take one card from the deck of cards and names the suit and the number aloud. One player will have this card and he shall say “I got it” and place the same card face down.  The caller can now move on to draw the next card.

  1. Bingo

The first person to have all the cards face down calls out bingo and he wins.

Types of Bingo:

American Bingo

                        American bingo is considered to be as a very simple easy game. Multiple players can play this game. The cards are drawn by the players. Each card is printed with random numbers with five rows and five columns. Above all the rows, the letters BINGO is printed. The numbers in the column is arranged as follows: 1st column has numbers within 1 to 15, 2nd one within 16 to 30, 3rd one within 31 to 45, 4th one within 46 to 60 and 5th one within 61 to 75. The numbers are picked up randomly are arranged in the card. The center space is left as a free space. This free space can be used to join the sequence vertically, horizontally or diagonally. The gamer will draw a ball with a random number. The players should match that number and should mark it in the card, if they have that number. If they don’t have that number, they should wait for the next number. Once a sequence is formed then the player should as Bingo! They are considered as the winner.

United Kingdom and Australian bingo

                        The United Kingdom bingo card is different from American card. This card contains 27 spaces with three rows and nine columns. Each row has five numbers and four blank spaces. Each column is filled with maximum three numbers or no number. First column filled with numbers from 1to 9, second from 10 to 20 and this goes on up to 90. Tickets are given as strips of six. The players should form a pattern which is decided by the game owners. This game also has certain rules and regulations.

Free Bingo

In online bingo, the cards are selected randomly and most of the games give you three to four cards for each player to play. Select a good reputed site and login in it. Most of the sites have free registration, while some sites ask the player to pay an amount as registration fees. Provide a valid address to that site in order to collect the prize amount in the future. Completely understand the rules and regulations given in that site.

                      Also try to understand icons given in the pop up window you are going to play. Also find out the format or sequence you want to make finally to win the game. Check for previous game histories, chat rooms and the sample cards in the window. Find out the type of bingo game you are going to play, whether it is an American bingo or United Kingdom and Australian bingo. Whatever may be the game, the random numbers are announced continuously. Each random number is displayed in the screen for few seconds.

                      So, within that time period the players should form the announced pattern. If the cards are less, then it will be easy to match faster. But most of the online sites will make the mark automatically. Online bingo is considered as stress free game. Once the pattern is formed, the player should press the button bingo.

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Marking the bingo cards:

To help you find your numbers on your bingo card easily, there is a letter that goes with number. Let’s us have a look at what each number indicates.

  • The letter B: The left column in your bingo card and the numbers are 1 through 15
  • The letter I: The Second to left column in your bingo card and the numbers are 16 through 30
  • The letter N: The middle column in your bingo card and the numbers are 31 through 45
  • The letter G: The second to right column in your bingo card and the numbers are 46 through 60
  • The letter O: The right column in your bingo card and the numbers are 61 through 75

The numbers usually appear in any order and within a column. But be aware that number 1 to 15 will always belong to column B.

Rules to be followed

            Bingo rules are the important part of the online bingo game. Each online casino has their own rules. Rules will differ for the type of game you choose in the online casino. Check for the rules before you start playing the online bingo game. The card you can choose as single or multiple card. The randomly generated numbers will be displayed for limited seconds. Beware of the time while matching the numbers.

           One or more players can be announced as a winner after checking the players who pressed the bingo button The next game will start immediately when the winners are announced. So be alert to continue with the next game. The game may continue with the old cards. Theses set of rules are not generalized and differ with each online casinos.

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Tips and Tricks

  • Always choose week days instead of weekends. Because your winning chance is high if the players are less and the winning chance less when the players are more. The chance of winning the online bingo game is usually calculated mathematically by the experts. For example, if an online bingo game has 50 players and each player plays single card, then the player’s probability to win the game is 1/50. If there are many cards in the game, then the winning probability no of cards dived by total number of cards in the game.
  • The cards you draw should have numbers with wide variation. This will increase the chance to win. Always more cards to increase your winning chance.
  • Beware of the bonus points and offers announced by the online casino sites. If you are a beginner, then you can use these offers or bonus points to improve your playing skill.
  • Join in online casino forums and chat with the experienced players. They will also give you some tips to win the game. Also you will come to know about the offers and big prizes announced by the online casinos.
  • Choose a reputed online casino site to play. This is an important point you should keep in mind. These reputed sites will announce some good offers and will give you some bonus points to try with.
  • While playing the online bingo game, you should know your own limitations. You should know where to stop. When you win continuously, you should stop the game and come out with prize. That is considered as safer side.
  • For a continuous uninterrupted game, you must have a good internet connection. Go for high speed internet.
  • More the Free Bingo games you play, more you will become experienced.