Black jack

A game of both logic and mathematics, black jack is one that has kept players at their wits end. It is simple to learn and advanced players are able to develop new and refined strategies to get them an assured win. It engages in such a way that sometimes even if you are losing, you are enjoying the game. To play the black jack it is imperative to first be accustomed to the rules and the terms used in the play. Without this knowledge, you will only be throwing your money into an endless pit. There is no chance of winning if you don’t learn the ropes of the game first. Then later we can discuss about the various strategies that can be used to create a winning streak. In online casinos, blackjack is one of the most played games.

Playing Online Blackjack

Before explaining the rules of the game, it is important to the basic game plan. The winning point of the game is that the player should get a score as close to 21 or the perfect score of 21. This score should be higher than the dealer for the player to win. The dealer belongs to the casino house. If the dealer wins then the casino house wins. If the player’s hand sms up to greater than 21, he loses naturally. The dealer deals two cards to everyone first, then he opens one of his cards. At this point the player can choose insurance. After the dealer has revealed his second card or “hole card”, the players have to choose to stand, hit, split or double based on their cards.

Values of cards: As with all card games, each card is assigned a value. The value of ace is either 1 or 11 as per the score of the cards along with it. For example with 6, the value of ace is 11 and for 7, the value of ace is 11 in the first 2 deals. Jack, Queen and King are all valued at 10. The remaining number cards have their face value. The number cards have the value that is mentioned on their cards

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Betting options: The player can choose any of the following betting options. ‘Hit’ is when the player takes another card after his 2 cards are dealt. ‘Stand’ is when he keeps the cards he has and doesn’t draw another card. ‘Double’ is when the player feels that he has a chance of winning and he doubles the amount of his bet and he can draw one more card. A player can choose to ‘split’ when he gets two 10 value cards. In this case, his bet is doubled since each set is an individual hand. When the player feels that he doesn’t have a option to win they are can choose to ‘surrender’. Another betting option is ‘insurance’. This is possible only before the dealer has exposed his 2nd card or ‘hole card’. This is done when the player feels that the dealer could have a black jack. In this case the player can save half of his bet.

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Free Blackjack- Tips and strategies

  • Black jack is played at different levels. Based on the expertise of the player, they can choose beginner, intermediate, expert and master player. Also there are many variations to the game online. To decide on the best strategy that your version of the game needs, you need to be thorough with the rules of that game. Also sometimes each dealer will have a set of rules that you need to comply with. Once this part is clear then it is a good idea to start strategizing. Online casinos have a lot of options. The classic game of black jack uses only 1 deck and this is shuffled after each game. In some games, up to 5 decks are used. It is important to understand which game you are playing before you start. The house edge may vary from 0.13% to 0.40%. These are different for different games.
  • Online blackjack calculators are available that help the player to calculate the probabilities and when to hit or stand in a game. It also give an idea of the player should double. These calculators make black jack playing very easy. Instead Of you counting cards or doing all the probability calculations in your mind, the calculator does it for you.


  • Also available are probability charts. One look at these charts and you are set to take informed decisions. These help ease the decision making process. For beginners, this is a very effective method. Until they are used to the game, they can use this strategy and ensure a few wins. One of the strategies used at times is when the player doubles his bet after each loss until he wins.
  • For advanced players, side bets are also a winning option. Beginners should stick to the basic betting procedures until they are accustomed to the game and know the game like the back of their hand. Once the game is learned, then the player can start thinking about side bets. Side bets are different for each blackjack game and each casino house. These are bets in addition to the regular ones featured in a normal classic black jack game. Mainly created for the casinos to increase their revenue, these side bets although fun, lead to small losses. Hence the best strategy is not to place any side bets since these will only lead to losses.
  • A few tips related to card totals are that once you have got 17 or more, you should choose to hit. If you haget aces, always split them. They spin to give better revenue.
  • Never play any casino games under stress or alcohol or drugs. These will lead to huge losses. Always take short breaks between games. This helps to refresh your brain and get you back in the alert mode.
  • In an online game of black jack, don’t bother about counting, since it is impossible to track a deck that is being generated by a computer.
  • Taking insurance is not a winner’s bet. Never take it since all the odds are against you. It is just another plus factor for the casino house since it gets half of your bet without any risk.
  • Always remember that the more you bet, the more you can win or lose. Be careful not to fall into any superstitious rituals since they will only end in losses in the long run. There are always equal chances of loss and victory but the player needs to be careful about the amount he wants to bet. On a winning streak, do not take unnecessary risks. Always be cautious about the money you have in your hand before placing bets.
  • Learn to conceal your emotions. An observant dealer can make out a lot from your face and expression. Do not display any emotions about your cards. Emotions can make you distracted and make you place foolish bets and cause mistakes in your playing strategy. These may further lead to losses.
  • Most online casinos have Practice modes. In these modes, the players can practice and perfect their game before they start using money to play the game. A lot of practice can go a long way in helping a player win when he starts to play for real. Practice games can help a player test out the strategies he has prepared before he starts using them while playing for money. This is a very good tip for beginners and also for players new to a particular online casino. All online casinos may not be the same hence it is a good idea to always try out the practice mode before you start playing for real. Each casino may have a different set of bets and a different number of decks. To get to know about the same it is better to play a few sessions of the game for fun. Also playing in the practice is also equally fun, only difference being that you don’t win anything when you win and you don’t lose anything when you lose.
  • The best and the most foolproof strategy is to memorize the basic strategy of the black jack game. If you are not able to memorize it, take a printout of it and keep it at close range when you start playing the game online. This strategy will give a basic idea as to when to hit, stand, double and split. These are available very easily online or in books written specially for players of free Blackjack. Once the player is in full sync with this strategy then the disadvantage the player has with the casino is less than 0.5%. And when you look it that way, black jack is one of the best games to play at a casino. A little strategizing and lot of memory and quick thinking can help the player reap victories one after another.