Craps is game which is played popularly in casinos. This is considered to be one of the most entertaining games in the casino. This game is played with the help of a pair of dice. Players’ place bet on these dice rolls. The aim of this game is to make the dice roll on the table and as per that the result is predicted by the player. Bet is placed by the players on this game. This depends on the roll of the dice. The game is dependent on the style and speed of the dice when it is rolled on the table. We can use the turbo function so as to control the dice speed.

online craps

From the main online casino screen we can directly navigate to the table screen. This will be same as that of the traditional model free craps table. We can see many boxes with numbers with side bets from which we can choose the one. One of the features or online game is that we get time to choose the same.

We can start the game by placing bet on the pass line. We can drag as many chips as we need on to the line that lies around the edge of the layout. This is called as the ‘Pass line’. The amount placed for the bet can be decreased by clicking on the undo button. After placing the wagers the roll button, undo button and clear button gets active. If the bet amount is equal or more than the minimum amount that is placed on the ‘pass line’ or the ‘don’t pass ‘, then the roll button will get enabled.

We can then go to the next step by clicking the dice for rolling the number. If the number that appears is 2, 3 or 12 it becomes craps and the player get automatically loosed. If the roll goes to 7 or 11 then this seems to be natural and the player can even win money for this. Any number other than this is called as ‘Point’. Before rolling a number 7 if we roll a point then the player wins the game. If got the number seven then the player loses the game.

After getting the points, odds bet gets added to the pass line, one which is the initial one. After the points are done the bet gets paid off .This is done at the odd of that number before rolling seven. There is more chance of getting off ahead if we bet more on the true odds.

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On every roll that is present on the dice of the cramps game, a betting action is present. After making a point a ‘Come bet’ is done which is the pass line bet that is newly established. The number that is rolled after the come bet is the point.

There are also ‘Don’t pass’ or the ‘Don’t come’ bets. In such cases the player can bet, that will seven out before rolling the point.

With the same bet if we need to start a new round then we can click on to the button ‘Repeat bet and Roll ‘

With the same bet if we want to continue the game without starting a new round then we can go to the option ‘Repeat Bet’

From any positions if the bets need to be removed then we can go to the button ‘Undo ‘and ‘Clear’.

The balance of the game is shown on the left side of the bottom side of the screen.

If we want to purchase more credits then we can click on ‘Rebuy’.

If we want to view the rules for the game then we can click on to the ‘Rules’ button.

If we want to view the logs of the game we can go to the ‘Game Logs’.

For finding the current version of the game we can go and click the ‘Version’ button.

The game will be in a mode of Turbo off. At this time the dice gets animated when it is thrown. If we want to turn off the animation we can switch the ‘ON’ button for this.

For exiting the game we can click on the ‘X’ option on the upper side of screen.

Online craps is usually played with dice of two numbers and the chips are used for placing the bets. This is considered to be a game of rounds. A round starts if the player makes a pass line or a bet with don’t pass.

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Tips and Strategies

While approaching the table we should keep check whether the pucks are off. Before placing the money it should be kept in the mind that the dice are on the middle.

  • While placing the bets ensures that the dice is on the middle. The stickmen collects this and keeps at the middle. After we are placing the bet then the dice is thrown into the shooter.
  • After the dice have passed to the shooter then all the chips which has not kept for bet should be moved from the table and the hands should be kept up to the rail height.
  • Before placing the bet we should check what the odd are offered. This can be understood with the help of a sign.
  • While throwing the dice take care that the same hit on the back wall and the chips should be avoided that are placed on the layout.
  • Take care that the dice are not thrown at a lower height as there is a chance of sliding. Also it should not be at a height above the height of the dealers.
  • After getting the dice numbers i.e., mostly it will be of  5 numbers we should pick 2 in one hand and keep in that hand itself over the table till the time we throw them up.


  • The chips should be kept on the rail that is above the surface and the chips which are of the higher denomination can be kept at the bottom.
  • A lot of money can be earned on the rolls of 15 and 20 plus of the dice. So it is better to go with them on an occasional manner.
  • If we are a beginner in playing the game and had confusion for starting the game then we can begin with the bet of the pass line.
  • One of the points that should be kept in mind that the game needs a player that is consistent and should remember that it is a game that is fast paced.
  • The size of the units that are needed for the bets should be taken care. It is advisable for having small bet units .The game is in such a manner that there are chances for gaining and losing the money quickly.
  • If the player feels that he is lucky enough and has earned a big profit then he can place larger bets to play the game.
  • Having knowledge on the house edge is another important point that needs to be noted. If we play by placing bets in an intelligent way then it can result a positive impact on the profit that it is attained.
  • If the player is a beginner then as per the expert advice it is better to place a bet which give the house only a small statistical advantage that is not more than 3%.If the house edge is more than the 3% then it is better not to place such bets.
  • Another important point that we should note that is to set a limit for the time that we spend for the game .It is always better to leave the table so as to prevent the player from the losses. If the player feels that he is going to lose the profit that is attained he should quit the game so as to avoid further losses.

Free Craps

  • Online game can attract many players by offering them with many bonuses and offers. This can help in increasing the bankrolls and also increase the winning chance. When registered with the casinos that are online the bonus gets matched with the deposit that is placed initially. In order to encourage and boost the players many of the online casinos give many loyalty programs. The bet that is placed each time helps in earning a particular comp points that gets converted to the chips that are free. These bonus points can be used to increase the size of the bet.
  • The point that should be noted is that the dice roll cannot be predicted each time. So we should not play the game thinking that the next roll will be as per the previous one.
  • Experts advise that it would be better if we only increase the bets when we win the game and should decrease this when incurred loss.