Free Spins

Free spins are awarded to new players and also to the existing ones. These can be used to play and win. But as there is a time limit to utilize this opportunity, so these must be used within that time frame or else it would get lapsed and there will be no benefit of such free spins for the players. Also the player must meet the required number of wagering before making the withdrawal.

These types of online bonuses are a great way to get to know all about online casinos especially when one finds it with a no deposit option. Though in this way you may not walk away with money but it is a good option to know everything about online casino world and before starting to play with real money. This is a great way to feel the excitement of playing for real money. Also it is the best way to try any new casino for regular players.

Usually these free spins bonuses are for a limited time period and are to be used within that time frame and if unused it gets lapsed.

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Types of Free Spins

Scatter complimentary spins:  The very first time a free spin was introduced was when video pokies were invented.  They are quite different from the ones given away on promotion.  They are free in the sense that you get another turn without having to spend money.  Once the reel starts turning, the balance remains the same and winnings due to the free turn get added on to the existing amount.  There are a few specific video poker games which offer a number of spins for free.

Promotional spins: These are offered free by casinos with other promotions and available before one plays any of the pokies.  Just like scatter spins, these can be used by logging in or entering a bonus code and opening the game attached to the specific promotion.  There is no need to pay any money and winnings are added to the bonus amount available in the account.  These winnings can be availed only after a player has fulfilled his wager requirements.

New players and spins: Some of the online casinos offer 100 spins for free just to sign up. Casinos have ways to figure out if players are signing up just for these promotions and leave once they use what is freely available.  Abuse is averted by combining promotional spins with welcome bonuses and other features.  These freely available spins get activated by a deposit.

Spin Bonuses: Many players get spin bonuses on a regular basis. Regulars also get to avail free turns when new games are being launched, when there is some big event to celebrate and if a jackpot is reaching a certain amount.  These bonuses are usually offered to VIP players as an encouragement.

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Terms and Conditions and how to use Free Spins

free spins bonus

As mentioned above, free spin is a bonus spin that an online casino offers to its players, wherein the player gets a specified number of free spins on a designated poker machine. These sometimes require a deposit to be made but there are also no deposit options available too.  Irrespective of deposit or no deposit, the winning amount is of players, provided the player has met the necessary betting requirements.

  • On most of the online casinos the free spins wins must be wagered for a set number of times (usually this figure is around 30x) in order to withdraw the won amount.
  • Winnings from the free spins sometimes are forfeited or cancelled if the player requests for a withdrawal before they have wagered all the free spins and bonus.
  • Free spins are credited within a specified time frame after a deposit is made by the player.
  • In general the terms and conditions differ from casino to casino, so make sure to read the fine prints carefully before making any offer or making any payment.

Online casinos are pretty much legal and honest and can be more fun especially when one can play a wide range of games at the luxury of their own home and at their own time. Enjoy free spins and good luck and hope you win a lot!

Tips for beginners:

If you are a beginner and clueless about how to start off with casino pokies, you should know some basic tips to win. There are no fixed strategies to lose or win, as this game is totally based on luck. You should try playing free round on the various websites. This will give you an opportunity to practice the game and when you feel you are confident about your game, you can play using real money.

The best strategy for a beginner would be to first start playing only on machines with 3 wheel pokies. The chances of winning a game on 3 wheel poker machines are said to much higher than on the 5 wheel poker machine.

However you should know certain basic terminology used in casino slots to help you gets started with the game.

  1. Symbol: the pictures on the disks which form the winning combinations are known as symbol.
  2. Reel – Disks which spin when the machine is in play mode are called as reel. The fate of the player is decided by the combination is symbols that are shown when the reel stops spinning.
  3. Payout: The prize that the players are warded whenever they win is known as payout.
  4. Payline: The lines on the poker machine with equivalent prize are known as paylines.
  5. Progressive Jackpots – When a person hits the right combination of symbols and wins at each round of game continuously, the amount that he gets is known as progressive jackpot.

These are very basic terms that you must know, however there are various guides on the internet which can help you with other terminologies you need to know about this game. Lastly, use freespins to begin playing for free if you are a novice player.

How can you play more with free spins?

Most websites have many promotions to attract gamblers to join their online casino. A lot of players are doubtful and concerned about what exactly are these free bonuses. They are not sure if whether these are legitimate free bonuses or simply trick to fool players are taking more money from them. The answer is that you don’t need to think twice about the free spin bonuses and other bonus offers. Most reliable internet casinos offer legitimate bonus offers. Let’s talk more about the free spins bonuses.

Most micro gaming sites offer this type of bonus. There are various names of free spins and you can be assured that they are totally free. Most internet gambling sites offer these on minimal deposit amount while some of them may even offer ‘no deposit’ scheme.

Free spins are the best bonuses offered by internet casinos, especially when it comes to beginners. Beginners can play more and thus learn more and earn more by these free spins bonuses. You can practice and see which strategies are working for you. If you don’t want to gamble and your motive of playing is only fun, then free spins are the best source of enjoyment for you without actually putting any money in your game. To avail of the free spins, you should first register on these websites. Unless you register, you won’t have access to free spins. It is okay to register on these websites, but you should first read the terms and conditions and then decide if you want to register.

The terms and conditions will also help you understand the extent of free bonus offered by the website. You can compare various websites (such as and determine which offers best free spin schemes. Usually some players register on all the websites (where money is not involved) and play casino pokies for free.

However, some websites offer unbelievable free schemes on initial deposits especially for new players. Each week free spins are offered on particular games. However, there are some terms and conditions tied to these free spins. Some best Freespins offers are totally worth your money. However, before you join any website, ensure that it is legitimate. Add the word scam with the name of the website and you’ll get results whether the website is legitimate or not. Stay away from websites that show any signs of being scam. Some bonuses offered are too good to be true and you must avoid such websites as such websites are scam. Don’t get tempted by their offers.

Playing and winning at every instance is a part of the game; however, what is more important here is to brush up your skills each time you play. By understanding the several different ways to win, gain know-how of the winning strategies and lastly the tips to play the game right will take you to the making of a pro.