How to play BACCARAT

Baccarat is one of a very popular card games played usually in casinos all over the world. Baccarat word is derived from Italian language and baccarat in Italian means zero; zero is in reference to value assigned to all the face value cards and tens. Baccarat is played using one or more normal deck of cards. There are fifty two cards in a standard deck of cards excluding the joker cards; these are divided into four suites namely Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs. Each suite has thirteen cards and their value is defined as: Picture cards like King, Queen and Jack are all zero value; in addition the tens card are also valued zero; aces along with all other cards from two to nine are valued according to face value. The four, six or eight complete deck of cards are shuffled together and placed in a dispensing container known as the “Shoe”. The most commonly played baccarat form played across casinos in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Finland, and Macau is Punto Banco which is sometimes commonly addressed as just baccarat. Punto means player and banco means banker, hence punto banco combined describes the two hands or draws dealt out in each draw i.e., two outcomes and the player has the choice to choose or back any outcome depending on the draw value. The player has no particular association with both the hands.

play baccarat

Baccarat is principally a card comparing game between two hands / draws i.e., the Player and the Banker. Baccarat table consists of fourteen open seats and every seat represents a number on the layout which is typically one to fifteen; number thirteen is commonly avoided as thirteen indicates ill luck or bad omen. The players / customers may select and sit on any seats open on the table as the play is not affected in any manner by the seating position of the customer. On a standard table usually three dealers are present; the dealer in the centre position is designated as the Call man / croupier. The procedure of the game is explained to all the players by the call man / croupier and he is the one who calls on each hand/draw as the cards are dealt. The other two dealers are responsible for assisting the call man and the players for handling of pay offs. Unlike standard table, the mini baccarat table is handled by only one dealer; he only handles all the responsibilities of the call man and the associate dealers single handed and he is required to move much faster. Irrespective of the size of the table either standard or mini, the numbers indicate customer / bettor’s position. Every bettor has to designated area where he can place banker bet and a designated area to place a player bet. The dealer has number positions representing each customer in front of him to mark whenever the bettor wins on a banker bet.

The Game

Baccarat is a very simple card game of chance and requires less degree of skill to play on the banker or player side. It is a card comparing game and the total value of the player’s card or the banker’s card decides the winner. The game begins once the better place his bet, also known as wager on either the banker’s or player’s indicated box. Every baccarat draw / coup may have only three possible outcomes: the player wins if the value of player card total has the high score; the banker wins if the value of banker card total has the high score; or a tie if both value of banker and player end up equal, then neither the player wins nor the banker. Total of Nine is the highest value any single draw can have in baccarat. Natural is the term used to indicate the total two card values of either the player or banker and it is the best possible outcome and natural cannot lose. A total value of eight is second best and may also be referred as natural.

Initially four alternating cards are drawn from the shoe, first card is given to player and second to banker and there on the four cards are assigned. The deal ends if the player or banker obtains a natural, else up to six cards may be drawn to determine the winner of the hand / draw. The winning hand is determined by the one with the highest value from one to nine; if the total value of the cards of either the player or banker exceeds ten then ten is subtracted from the value and the balance becomes the actual value.

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For example if the total value is twelve then ten is subtracted from twelve, the balance value of two is considered as the total value. The bettor is not required to make any options or decisions apart from amount of bet / wager. It is customary to charge a 5% commission on winning banker bets and the bets are paid equal money.

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Tips and Strategies

baccarart rules online

Baccarat is a gambling game i.e, it involves lots of risks and is based purely on luck. Usage of skill set and strategies is very minimal in baccarat and it is just a game of fortune. Always it is advised to begin the game with small bets and thereafter increase cautiously and unhurriedly if the bettor is on a winning streak. The bettor should always decide the limits and maximum money available with him/her for betting and care to be taken not to exceed this limit due to temptation. The cleverest way the bettor can bet is to choose a bet/wager which has the slimmest house edge which is the banker.

Identify and search for less house charge casino’s; although the standard commission charged by any casino is 5%, there will be a few casinos with lesser charges (discover more at

The course of Game Baccarat

The main aim of this baccarat game is to get closer to total 9 on either hand. The shoe begins with betting. The betting can be done on player or banker or tie. After betting, each of the players and banker gets two initial cards. Everyone face ups their cards and sum up the total value of both the cards, the digits in tens place are dropped, making the ones place digit as the score. To understand say player hand reads 8 and 5,than their sum of the cards is 13,the value of hand is 3.If any hand is dealt with 9 and 10 as initial 2 cards (Sum = 19, score = 9) then it is called Natural 9 and it’s the strongest hand in baccarat. If any hand is dealt with 8 and 10 as initial 2 cards (sum=18, score=8) than it is called Natural 8 and it’s the second strongest hand in baccarat. If either player or banker dealt with score of 8 or 9 on the first two cards, than no further cards are drawn and this rule overrides all other rules.

Rules for Drawing of third card in Baccarat

Third card may be distributed to complete the hand and declare winner of the bet whether player or banker.

Both player and banker can draw third card in following situations.

Player can hit if hand reads 0-5.Player stands if hand reads 6 and 7.Banker takes hit if hand reads 0-5.If banker reads a total score between 0-2,banker always draw a third card.

If banker reads a total score 3, banker draws if players third card is between 0-9, except 8.If banker reads a total score 4, banker draws if players third card is between 2-7.If banker reads a total score 5, banker draws if players third card is between 4-7.If banker reads a total score 6, banker draws if players third card is 6 or 7.If banker reads a total score 7,banker always stands.

Happiest part – Payment procedure

If bet on bankers, thumbs up have to pay out 95%, if bet on players thumbs up than have to pay out 100% (i.e., 1:1).

If winning of bet on tie than you have to payout at 8:1.

Learn more about the payments before getting started.

Tips to increase odds of winning

Hunt out the casinos in which commission on bankers bet is minimal. Not to push luck too hard until it deserts you. Bet on tie is rare and chances of luck are very narrow. Always start low and if luck seems sparkling then increase the bet amount gradually. Not much logic but risky gamble, betting on the banker will prove beneficial. Beware of Shills(casino employees) who actually play the table to keep action going.

New version of Baccarat

“Lucky Draw Baccarat” is the new version of Baccarat spotted in land-based casinos. It is combination of traditional Baccarat with some elements borrowed from Blackjack. In this player cannot have opportunity to bet against Bankers hand but player can bet against the house.