How to play bingo

What is Bingo? Bingo is known as a game of chance in which the randomly selected numbers are matched by the player in their printed cards. When a sequence of number is matched, the player will themselves announces as a winner saying “Bingo!!”.The printed cards may be in paper or represented electronically. Bingo is considered to be one of the best gambling game in the world .There are different types of  bingo games played in indoor as well as online. Three main types of Bingo are American Bingo, United kingdom/Australian Bingo and online Bingo. Nowadays, online casinos are getting popular because of its simple rules, the tremendous fun involved it and the big cash prizes awarded for the players. In the middle of the 16th century, Bingo was played as an Italian game named Lo Giuoco Del Loto D’Italia. In 19th century, German government used this Bingo in education system for teaching children.

play bingo

A simple Game

Bingo is played with 4 and more people. We need Bingo cards for the players and an announcer to announce a randomly generated number. Bingo card carry 5 rows and 5 columns with randomly selected numbers which are printed earlier by the organizer. The center of this 5×5 square is left blank as free space, which is later used as a joker for free matching. The numbers in this card are printed randomly according to a rule. The first vertical column numbers are assigned between 1 to 15, the second column between 16 to 30, the third column between 31 to 45, the fourth column within 46 to 60 and finally the fifth column chosen within 61 to 75.

At the top row of the card the letters B,I,N,G and O will be printed. The game organizer will start announcing the randomly generated numbers within 75. The players should mark the number in their cards if it matches. Once the player matches a sequence of number in vertical, horizontal or diagonal, then they should tell as “Bingo!”. So the other players will come to know that somebody won the game. Here the free space is taken to join the correct sequence. A player can take two or more cards to form a sequence quickly. This type of Bingo game is called as American Bingo.

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Bingo online

bingo online

To play Bingo online, first you should select a trustful site. In that site you should create an account and share your address, so that you can collect the prize later on. Beware that some of the Bingo games comes as free and for some games you should pay before you start playing. when you start to play, a window will pop up with the cards you can choose. You can choose one or more cards with random numbers filled. Also you can choose the type of Bingo game (American or United Kingdom/Australian Bingo) you want to play.

When you select the cards and press the start button, a random number will get displayed for few seconds. Now you match and see whether that number is present. If yes, then mark it with the mouse and if the number doesn’t match, then wait for the next number to display. When you find a sequence of number, then press the Bingo button. In this window, you will also find a list of online players and a chat room. There you can chat with the other players. Most of the online Bingo websites will generate a pattern randomly for the players to fill in their cards. The patterns may vary as vertical, horizontal, and diagonal, outside corners, inside corners, postage stamp and small diamond. Crazy card means rotating pattern.

The hard ways card represents the absence of free space. Going to play continuation game means continuing with the same card for different winning patterns. Other interesting patterns are candy like patterns,wind mill patterns, Bell shaped patterns etc., There are some important terminologies like “he or she jumped the gun”, “I am cased” and “sorry for the falsie!!” in Bingo gambling world. Jumped gun means pressing the Bingo button before getting the Bingo sequence. I am cased means the player needs only one number to get the required pattern. Sorry for the falsie means by mistake pressing the bingo button without reading the displayed number correctly. Practicing these terminologies and knowing about the patterns will highly improve your playing skill.  At a time, more than one player can win the game.

Set of Bingo Rules

First thing you should keep in mind is the random numbers are displayed as per some Bingo rules. The number to be matched in your card is displayed for few seconds only. Within that time you should find whether you have that number in your card or not. Then the next random number is displayed for finding the next match in your card. The time will be less while displaying the number, so the players should mark quickly. The random numbers are displayed continuously with a time interval until one or several players scream or press the Bingo button. Once the winner’s numbers get verified, a new game will be started. The set of rules are slightly modified for online Bingo players from the traditional bingo hall players. The rules are simple and easy for the online players to follow and win the game.

How to win in online Bingo?

Online Bingo game is known as the game of chance and to become a winner in this game depends on the number you get on the screen. To get a correct number which matches the   card is based on your luck. But we can’t sit back simply and watch what is happening. There are some tips and tricks for this online gambling. Professional players made some strategies to win the game and this may enhance your chances of victory. First thing you should see while choosing the game is the number of players playing with you. If the number of players is more, then the chances of victory for you are less. Competing with 20 players will be easier to win than competing with 100 players. So don’t play in the weekends and in the evening time. This time the number of players will be more. Though the gambling sites offers you big prizes during weekends, it is better to play in week days. Winning the game is mathematically calculated.

The next thing is play the Bingo game with multiple numbers of cards instead of a single card. This will increase your chance of winning in the game. Don’t worry that you can’t match the number for all the cards. Most of the online Bingo sites are having the facility to mark the number in your cards automatically, while the random number is called. When you choose multiple cards in a single game, make sure that the numbers in the cards have big variation. This will increase the chance to win.

Always choose reputed site to play online Bingo because these sites will offer you some bonus offers, when you make your first deposit. This bonus is in the form of money or the free random cards. If you are a beginner, this will help you in many ways to win the game. Also watch for special promotions in the reputed sites. They will give some offers like big prizes, money back to the card, free random cards and money or points added to your cart. So be aware of all these promotions on important days.

The other way to win the online Bingo game is to join in the reputed Bingo community forums, where all experienced players will discuss about the game they played. Also they will discuss about tips and tricks to win the game. You may also come to know about the offers announced by the different online gambling sites. But you should regularly visit the forum to get all important information.

While playing online Bingo game you must know how much you can lose. So according to this you should buy the cards. Don’t buy beyond your limits because nobody can win the game continuously. If you are winning continuously, then stop the game there and come out with the winning prize. Don’t become over enthusiastic and continue the game. Because this will finally leads you to lose the game and makes you to borrow money. You are the one who knows how much amount to wager and when to quit. So always know your limits.

If you are a newcomer to online gambling, then play with the free sites which won’t ask you to pay money, some of which you can find at Get practised well in those sites and then play the online gambling. This will help you from losing money. There are different types of online Bingo games. So always select a game which goes with your style. Try to become well versed in that game because each game has a unique way of method to play.