How to play keno?

Keno is a game that is usually played in the casinos. In this game the players place the bet by choosing the numbers that comes from 1 through 80.The players make guess on the numbers which will be drawn randomly and payment will be made to them on the basis of the correct guess on the numbers.

play keno

A Game of Fun and Luck

This game is usually played using a card which is named as Keno card. Keno card is numbered from 1 through 80.That is, it is arranged in 8 rows containing 10 numbers.

First step for this game is to get a keno card. This card can be achieved from the casinos. These numbers that are given on the card should be same as that of the balls in the machine.

The number that we are selecting is called as the Keno spot. The keno card is arranged in the order of 8 rows and 10 columns of the numbers. These cards let us know the numbers that we can choose. It should be noted that the more the number we choose more we can bet.

The money that we want to put on the numbers that are selected should be decided. Also the number of keno games that we need to play also needs to be determined.

It is better to give the keno card to a keno worker who will help to place the bet in the next game. The ticket copy of the card will be given back to us so that we can go on to the games that are announced by them.

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We should keep notice that the keno machine selects 20 balls randomly. The number of games that we are playing that are mentioned in the ticket should match with that of the number that is displayed on the screen. Also if the number that the machine has pulled is same as that of the number that is mentioned on the ticket then the player has won the game. If the amount that is wagered and the numbers that are matched are the same then we can determine how much we can win in the game. The number of keno tickets determines the payouts for each game. If the numbers appear on the screen then it is clear that the game is won. The keno cards can be given for the verification of the same.

This is a fast game in the casino. So it is necessary that we should mark the ticket as early as possible. For this, understanding of the game and having a good knowledge on this is inevitable.

  • We should always have an understanding on the limit of bets that can be placed on the casino. The minimum and the maximum amount should be known. The minimum amount of the bets can help to raise this when we go further the game.
  • The limit of the digits that are allowed in a casino should be known. Sometimes the maximum digit can be up to 15 digits on a normal basis but in some casinos this get limited up to 10 digits.
  • We can choose the casinos who allows for 20 digits that helps in placing a higher amount for minimum bet.
  • The payout that is offered by the casino should be noted if we win the game. The information regarding the same should be displayed in the casino or if the game is played online it should be in their website.
  • Having knowledge on the math skills helps in the calculation of the odds in the game.

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Keno Tips

keno tips
  • One of the important points is that we should have an understanding on the game. Proper knowledge of the game is an essential factor for this. There are 80 balls that are pulled from the bubble after getting mixed up. Only one ball is chosen at a time. As the screen displays the number the player marks it in the card. Balls of 20 numbers are drawn for each game.
  • Another tip for this game is to know how to bet. Wager will be placed before the game. The player will choose the number that comes between 1 and 20.They places the bet on believing that the number that is chosen by them will be same as one that is pulled out from the bubble. Depending on the correct numbers payment will be done.
  • A point that should be kept in mind is that the game is not based on ones skill. Players do not have any control on the numbers that are got pulled from the bubble. Only thing that depends on them is to pick the right numbers which is highly based on the luck.
  • Selecting less numbers is one of the key points for this game. It is better to pick ten or a few numbers .But it should be remembered that less the number that we select lesser will be the payment options.
  • Choosing consecutive numbers is believed to be one of the tricks for winning the game which is suggested by many of the experienced players.
  • It is right to choose the online casinos which give better payments than the land casinos. If selecting the online casinos then this is one method that decreases the house edge.
  • If any of our favourite number appears to be lucky then it is better to choose that number. Another smart way that feels to be better is to choose the number that has not appeared for the desired time. This might sometimes give results that are amazing.
  • Practice is another key factor that is needed for this game. Before playing online casino games for money it is better to play the game for free. This helps in determining whether the strategies that are chosen by us are useful or not. After gaining a confident approach we can start playing for money.
  • It is better to choose not more than 5 to 6 numbers. Choosing more numbers can lessen the chance of winning the game.
  • The variants of the keno are changed .So always it is better to read the rules and the payouts that are offered before placing the bet.
  • Paying attention to the game is one important thing. A good ticket should not be loosed because of our carelessness that we had not kept attentive for the game.
  • Some of the online casinos offer a particular bonus amount for the game .So it is always better to utilise this and play the game with the bonus amount that are offered by them.
  • Some of the games online allow betting to 40 numbers. This can be played on many online screens and the available casinos.
  • Many of the casinos sometimes offer a jackpot. This gets grown to a bigger number if none of the players hit on this. But since the game is based on the luck nothing can be predicted. The payout for this type of jackpots can even be 100 %.
  • We should never place the bet that is above our budget. Also we should know that there will be losses along with the winnings that happen in the game.
  • Choosing the adjacent digits is also a good option.
  • People always want to enjoy the best odds that are available. We can place larger bets with the help of the keno bonus and thereby increase the winning rates. Some of the online casinos give bonus during the sign up so as to attract more people in joining them.
  • Keno tossing of the coins is also available in most of the games and the same is done before the game start.
  • Keno Jackpots are available and these are suitable for the 10 numbers that are in the game which forms a pattern. If all the numbers that we are choosing comes out then we are with a big jackpot. Also progressive jackpots are available in some of the casinos which get increased by each game and thereby the jackpot amount gets to a large amount. Those casinos which have won the jackpot in a frequent numbers have the chance of getting a return in a better way.
  • If the player is playing the game that is live in the casino, there will be many keno games that will be going on. Getting a ‘walk away ‘ticket helps the player allow playing many games.

Most of the players tell that the keno game is highly dependent on the luck of a person. But from all these rules and the tips that are mentioned we can understand that these helps in increasing the chance of winning the game. All these can give a good result if we go for a small bet, use the bonus and know the odds in a proper manner. Enjoying the game and having the fun helps in attaining a better payout.