How to play roulette

The name Roulette has its origin in French. The word Roulette means little wheel. In this game the player bids on numbers. He can choose a range of numbers or a single number. It can be even or odd. When it comes to color selection it can be red or black. In the Roulette game there will be a titled circular tack which runs around the circumference of the wheel. A ball spins on this circular track. The croupier spins the wheel in the opposite direction of the ball spin. Finally the winning number and color will be decided when the spinning ball stops the momentum and falls on the wheel. The position on which the ball stops decides the winner.

The origin of roulette can be traced back to 18th century. It is started in France. There is a belief that roulette is originated from English games like Roly-poly. The present form of the game was played in Paris as early as 1796. In 1790s the wheel of the roulette game had red for the single zero. Double zero was colored with black. Then as the game evolved in 1800s, zeros were colored with green to avoid confusion.

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Tips and Strategies

Betting options are too good in roulette. The player can choose one single number or even a small range of numbers. He can choose even or odd number. Larger positional groupings can be selected if the player is wishing to bet on the outside. He even has options on color. Until the dealer says no more bets player has chance to bet. Even when the ball is spinning around the player can place the bets. For each spin the rules imposed on players inside and outside bets differ.

The dolly, also known as a marker is placed by the dealer on the winning number on the roulette table when the winning number and color is chosen by the roulette wheel. Once this dolly is placed on the table, there is no chance to place the bets. At this point player cannot collect bets or remove the placed bets from the table. Loosing bets are swept away from the table by the dealer. Now he has to determine the payouts. The marker will be removed from the table after the payouts and players can start placing the new bets. The winning chips should remain present on the board.

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The Best Election

Among the gambling games roulette seems to be one of the oldest games. It can be traced back hundred years. The loosing and winning of the roulette game is purely based on chance.  Many people think that roulette is very difficult and unbeatable. It is not so. There are few most important roulette strategies that should be concerned before playing it. Here are few…

The spinning the wheel is left to casino game workers. The players need to observe these workers. They may be doing it from very long and they have understood the in and out of wheel spinning like how much force they need to put. This will result in bias. So player should simply need to spin the wheel for few times before game starts. This will help the player to determine the biases if any. Some wheels may usually land on even numbers others may more likely on odd numbers.

To get better understanding of the game it is better to practice the free table before start playing betting games. This will help the player in determining what works and what not. To increase the confidence player should play more and more free games before getting into the bets. He can also discuss with dealer on the game. Player can stand aside and look at the other experienced players strategies. This will help him to understand the bets and tricks they use in the game.

There is a 00 in the American roulette. Players have opinion that this will decrease the odds of winning. European roulette doesn’t come with this. So when a player has given chance to choose between these two it is better to chose European. Even there is some difference when it comes to house edge. In European it is 2.63%. It is twice that in American wheel.

No player wants to give over his money to some scam. The player should be very careful when playing online roulette. This is not an issue when it comes to offline. When choosing online roulette, think twice about the site. Make sure it is a well known and reputed site. If the site has a history of publishing payouts on time, then it can be trusted. It should be associated with a reputed casino. There are myriad numbers of sites which are untrustworthy. They may just take chance to fool players. These sites should have random number generator. Otherwise it is just a fake one.

The amount one is decided to bet is very important. The player should be affordable to lose that. Even though he knows many strategies of the game, it is a game of chance. He can lose any time. In some cases the game goes so fast that any player can lose the hand quickly. Before betting the player should stick to the amount. He should not get influenced or tempted.

 The player should have a control on the alcohol which he consumes before the game. There are chances of betting more or losing control on the amount he bets if he consumes more alcohol and gets tempted with other bets. Better he has a friend on a side to guide him before he decides the amount. One more thing he can do is write the amount on a paper and get stick to that throughout.

Once the player wins and gets some amount then better to withdraw that amount and keep it a side. If the profit amount is again used for betting end of the game he may not be left with any. Once the profit is kept aside he can start betting with the original amount he decided in the beginning. This is the safe way to play. By this method loss can be minimized. Worst case if he loses at the end he will at least have the profit amount which kept aside.

To lessen the chance of losing the money, stick to outside. It is safe to keep the bets to red/black, odd/even or high/low. There are more chances of winning with two outside bets. For example if the player bets with odd and red. He covers most of the numbers and some numbers are covered twice by this way.

Betting Strategies in Roulettes

  • There is a strategy known as Martingale strategy. This is a strategy of doubling up the amount. When a player is betting odd versus even or red versus black this works. Every time the player loses, he has to double up the original amount and bet again. He should continue to bet on the same color until he wins. If the player had a bet of $5 on the color red and he loses, then he has to bet again on red with the amount $10. If in case again he loses the he should increase the amount to 20% and bet again on red. In this strategy he should continue doing this until he wins and gets a profit. When playing with strategy one can start with minimum amount that particular table allows. One more important thing is the player should be affordable to double up the money every time he loses. Otherwise he should not follow this strategy.
  • The amount the player starts with is known as unit. There is one more strategy known as Grand Martingale strategy. In this the when the player loses he first doubles up the amount as done in Martingale strategy. Along with that he adds up the one unit to the amount.
  • There is one more strategy which helps in spreading out the amount. This is known as James Bond roulette strategy. Once the player decides the total amount of betting, he can split this amount as different bets. For example the amount is $200. Rather than betting it simply on one single, he can spread it like $150 on high number, $30 on zero and $20 on six some numbers. This splitting and spreading the amount will surely increase the chance of winning the bets. This decrease the chance of losing since the spreading will cover many numbers.
  • There is one more strategy which is meant for European wheels. This rule is something related to house edge which brings down the edge to 1.35%. This even works on money bets.

This is known as en prison rule. For example the player bets on black but the ball stops on zero. Then the house keeps $10 and the ball starts spins again. This time if the ball stops on black the player will get his $10 back. In this strategy even though the player has not won anything meantime he has not lost. Logically for his lose he loses the money but gains it back once he wins.