Keno is a simple and easy game to play. If you want to play an online casino game without any risk then you boldly choose keno. It is very easy to learn and there is no specific strategy for this game. Keno is one of the best games for beginners to online casinos, many of which can be found visiting sites such as Keno looks like the Australian lotto. This fun-filled game comes from China, started for teaching rhymes and letters to children.

                        You will be announced as a winner when your number is selected. Keno (ki:nov) is a modern game which is often played in many casino halls as well as in online casinos. Player’s starts wagering the money by choosing numbers from 1 to 80 and after these 20 random numbers are selected and displayed by random number generator. Each casino has its own pay table and the players are paid based on the numbers they have chosen and the matches found on their numbers and the wager they made. The pay table will vary widely as per the casinos you choose.


Online Keno

Keno card is got from keno casino halls. Some casinos have specials cars such as bonus tickets or jackpot tickets. The keno card contains number ranging from 1 to 80. The numbers in the keno card are arranged as 8 rows 10 columns. Choose numbers and mark on the card. You can choose minimum of 4 and maximum of 10.The maximum and minimum numbers you can select will be specified in the card or in the screen if you are playing online keno game. Each number you select is called spot and if you select 10 numbers then you are going to play 10 spot games.

                         After marking the numbers in your card, return the card to the keno worker with your wager who will give you a photo copy of your card. Then watch for 20 numbers selected randomly from 1 to 80 displayed in the keno board all over the casino. If those numbers matches with your selected numbers then the worker will announces your winning amount. Decide the total money you want to put on your selected numbers and also decide about the number games you are going to play.

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Free Keno

free keno

If you are familiar with the traditional keno game then it will be easy for you to play online keno game. In online keno, the game nature appears same as traditional one but one thing you want to learn is the technology. When you login to the reputed online casino sites, first you want to register before start playing. Some online sites have free registration and in some sites you want to pay before starting your favorite game. You should give your address or account information so that you can collect your later on. So keep in mind that whatever site you are choosing should be reputed one. Before start playing read the rules and regulations in the site.

                        Before starting to play the game there are some terms normally used in most of the free keno casino sites which every player must know. They are aggregate limits, balls, bankrolls, bet, combination ticket, draw, free play, hit, hose edge, payoff, progressive jackpot, random number generator, split ticket, ticket, wager and way ticket. When the casino is going to take responsibility for a particular amount then it is called as aggregate limit. The money a player wager during the keno game is said to be bankroll. When a ticket has more than one type of wager, then it is called a combination ticket. Number come during each keno round is referred as draw.

Free play is playing the game without paying any amount before starting to play the real game. When one or more balls have the same number which you have selected, then it is called hit. House edge gives you a numerical value that tells you how repeatedly the particular house wins. This is normally 20 to 30%. Payoff tells you the winning in your keno game. Some game will have a jackpot which increases slowly when you are playing until the player wins the game with right particular number. Random number generator is an inbuilt tool in the game software to produce random numbers. Way ticket is ticket allows you to make more bets. The other name for bet is wager.

            When you start the Keno game, you will see a card having 80 numbers, with the boxes numbered 1 to 80. You can choose your numbers from the set of 80. You can choose either two or up to ten numbers. The numbers you have selected will be highlighted on the screen. Decide your own numbers that the computer can select randomly and give for you. Also you decide if the software should pick other new numbers for each round when you want to play continuously.

            Through your bets by pressing the plus symbol or minus symbol to fix bet amount and then you select your random numbers. This number is not permanent because if you decide to make any change on your numbers then you can press on the box with the number to deselect. You can also click the clear button to deselect. If you bet AUD 10 on your choice of numbers and if you play 6 games, then it is AUD 60.The number of game you are playing will be displayed on the screen where you are playing.

            Players can wager on group of numbers or on a pattern of numbers they choose. The keno software will randomly select 20 balls. When you start the game, the balls will come out of the tube displayed below the screen and come to stop on the board. You will be paid if the numbers you have selected matches with the numbers displayed on the ball.

Keno – Tips and Tricks

  • Keno is not a game based on the skill like other casino game. Winning keno is merely a luck based game. Though it has some tips and tricks to follow. Players don’t have control on the random balls roll in to the tube, but they have the choice of ticking their numbers in the ticket. Fewer the number you select; the winning rate is considered little high.
  • Try to play online keno game rather than going to casino halls. Because the payout percentage in online keno casino game is higher than indoor casino halls.
  • Select successive numbers in the ticket while playing the keno game. For example take 12, 13 or 21,22,23,24. This will increase your winning rate.
  • One regular tips followed by the experienced player is play the keno game with the same group of numbers in all the games they play. Some use this tips and play for a day also for a week.
  • If you are going to play keno for a long time then pick large number of spots. So by doing this you win something in each card.
  • If you think of winning a huge amount of money it is good to play with additional spots. when you match those huge numbers the payback will be very much impressive.
  • Before starting the actual keno game practice with some free online sites, This will help you get well versed in online keno game.
  • When some players select the numbers just appeared out, thinking that some of the numbers will be taken soon, selecting numbers which didn’t come for a while is seen as a good approach. When the ball released in online keno game is done by the Random Number Generator, you will be amazed to watch how better outcomes this tricks can give in the long term.
  • Most of the online casinos gives you an option of multi-race tickets to their online keno players, where the keno players can mark only once their numbers in their keno ticket virtually and keep the ticket for a  n number of games. This will save your time, particularly if you are a player always playing your good lucky numbers and upset on picking those numbers all again.
  • Register in the online keno forum to get help from experienced players. Also you will come to know about the bonus points promoting sites. You will find all upcoming promotions through other players.
  • Select a reputed online keno site before start playing. Because you want to have secured money transactions and your personal data should remain safe.
  • Choose site which has wide payment methods. The reputed online casino sites will have wide payment methods.
  • For uninterrupted game, you must have a high speed internet. Because slow internet connection will put you back in the game. So take care of the internet connection and other system based issues. Online Keno games tips and tricks are easy to follow and wherever you play this game, it is fun filled. So, what are you still waiting for?