Planning Of Sheldon Adelson To Target South Korea For New Casino


Sheldon Adelson is the most popular name among the Casino players by his gambling company. Sheldon is more addicted to casino games as a result opened many casino resorts to serve as a platform for the players to play gambling games. Sheldon earned his revenue from his casino company and he stands as one of the richest persons of America. Sheldon owns world’s largest casino company Las Vegas Sands. He opened many casino companies in many locations throughout the world and get huge profit as revenue. He earned more profit than he invested and his net worth of total value includes more than $26.9 billion. Macao is a place in china where gambling is legal and he earned many of his revenue by his casino resorts. Apart from these Sheldon used to target on new places to open his casino company. Sheldon is planning to target on Asia pacific countries to engage the people in the form of casino.

Busan Of South Korea- Perfect Place For Gambling

Sheldon Adelson has a plan to catch the untapped market in the Busan of South Korea. Sheldon’s property almost includes five casinos in Macao. The chairman of Las Vegas Sands is almost completed 83 years old but he is a billionaire with aiming to target on more locations throughout the world. Sheldon make study and research over the gambling market of locations before entering the location. Now Sheldon is aiming to focus on Asian countries to make his revenue out of his casino companies. He is planning to target especially in South Korea to achieve the gambling market with the number of casino and poker games support. The best location to open gambling company is the Busan which is a port city located in the southeastern coast of the country. It is the second largest city of South Korea with the metropolitan population of over 4.5 million people. By considering the location of this city and the population Sheldon plans to start his company to get his revenue.

Limitations In The Asian Gambling Market

The main limitation for Sheldon in entering the Asian market is the legality of gambling. Currently presently owns 17 casinos. But the government permits the Korean citizens to play gambling only at the kangwon land casino which is a resort owned by the Korean countries ministry of energy, trade and industry. The Las Vegas Sands is planning to build a grand resort for gambling in this city at $10 billion value of project. The Busan city has an unlimited growth potential in aiming at the tourists and earning revenue by the location of the city between Japan and China. Sheldon is targeting on this city for opening his huge luxurious resort for gamblers by aiming the local recreational gamblers and the tourists who shows willing to play gambling for fun. The primary hurdle of legal factors is to be considered is the main limitation of planning.  Sheldon is the titan of casino by his gaming experience in the past years.