Roulette is a game that is played in a casino. The name Roulette is derived from the French word. This game has become very popular among the gamblers as the rules for this game is very simple to understand.

The players for this game play the game against the dealer who takes care with the bets and the payments. This game consists of a wheel with slot of 37 numbers which consists of 36 numerals and one zero. Different coloured chips are bought for this game by the players so as to take care that the bets doesn’t get mixed up. Later on these chips can be replaced with the money. For the purpose of playing the game bet can be placed for the number which is on the layout. Later the dealer starts to spin the wheel and the moment before the ball is about to stop, the dealer will say ‘no more bets’. From that time onwards no one is allowed to change the bet or to place the new one. After the dealer places the marker on the number that has won and he clears all the bets that are loosed players can place new bets. The payout for the winner is cleared at that time. If the bet that is placed for the number on which the ball stops is the winning person. All the seats for the game are only for the players. Even though if there is only one player and a person who is not playing the game sits nearby him the dealer will ask to move from the place.

Luck is a very important factor for winning the game. The player of the game needs to make the prediction on the position of the ball in the wheel after each spin. There are many methods that the players choose for winning the game. Some of them choose the number that comes repeatedly thinking that it might come again. This numbers are usually called as the ‘hot numbers’. Whereas some of them choose the numbers that has not come up in the game .The main difference between Roulette and other casino games is that this is not having any kind of denomination printed in the chips that are received. This is a game with a slow pace and if the player is ready to sacrifice for the house edge then the best casino game will be the Roulette game. There are two betting options for the game. One is an inside bet and other one is the outside bet. The correct number of pockets are selected for the inside bet .But in case of outside bet  the colour of the pockets or the bets on winning numbers, that is whether odd or even numbers  are done. The odd of the payout depends on the probability or the chance. In some of the casinos a table for the inside bet is kept separately in order to identify the players.

Inside roulette

  • Straight and single bet: This involves betting on a single number.
  • Split: This involves betting on the two numbers that are vertically and horizontally adjacent. This might be 14 to 17 or it can be 8 to 9
  • Street: This consists of placing bets on three consecutive numbers that are placed horizontally.
  • Corner/Square: This involves placing bet on 4 numbers that meets at the corner.
  • Six Line :Bet is placed on those numbers that forms two lines horizontally and consists of six consecutive numbers

Outside bet is another type which increases the chance of winning the game. This involves

Red or Black: In this bet the number that is chosen will be of the given type.

Even or Odd: This involves the bet with the number of even or odd type.

Dozen Bet, Column Bet and the Snake bet is another type of outside bets.

Online Roulette

  • As the bankroll gets decreases it is better to reduce the bets size. This can be useful for the people who play this game for fun and entertainment.
  • Knowledge on the bets, odds and the payouts are one of the important part on which we should have a clear understanding. There is more chance to win if selecting the outside bets such as reds, black, evens etc. This may increase the chance of winning the game.
  • It is always better that we choose tables that aren’t very busy. It might be frustrating that we should wait for the other players to get paid.
  • Choice of the European wheel which is having a single zero tends to have more chance of winning the game as the house edge is 2.63% .While the American wheel with 00 wheels is twice of that.
  • While playing the online Roulette make sure that the game is played on the real wheel and not the software wheel. In software Roulette only the slot machine is used as this is not a part of the Roulette game. If the game is played through online then it should be ensured that the casinos are using the webcam roulette wheel where the spinning can be done from the real type of wheel.
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  • Before choosing the online casinos the reputation of this casinos also need to be checked. In case of some online casinos the payouts are refused and the players get cheated by the casinos.
  • Choosing one colour for the game will be better for winning the game. This may increase the chance of victory.

Spinning the wheel many times before we start the game can increase the chance of placing the ball on a particular number. If the dealer is a person with lots of experience he will always spin the wheel in the same bias.

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Free roulette

  • Practicing the game in a free table can let us gain an experience for the game. Also watching the strategy applied by the other players can also be done before we bet for the game.
  • Before starting the game we should be clear about the money that we are using for the game .The money that can only be afforded should be placed for the bet. If we bet for one colour and lose the game, next time we should double the bet amount and bet for the same colour. If again ends in a loss the amount should be doubled in same way until the losses are met. This strategy is named as the Martingale strategy and also we should have enough money that can be afforded for the game.
  • Another strategy that can be applied for the game is Grand Martingale method. This strategy is almost same as that of the former one. Only difference is that amount is doubled along with the units. Unit is the bet that was placed when the game was started with.
  • Another strategy that is applied is the James Bond Strategy. If we bet for an amount of 200Australian $ then this gets distributed and the chance to win the game gets increased.
  • En Prison rule is another method that is applied on the Roulette.For example, as per this rule if we place the bet on 10Australian $ and the colour red and the ball spins and comes to zero, 10 Australian $ is kept by the house. Again if the ball spins and gets the colour red then the 10Australian $ is got back.
  • It is good to check all the previous sessions of the game. This helps predicting the rounds in the game.
  • Keep the profit that is earned for the game. If we had played for 50 Australian $ and the player had won an amount of 100Australian $ he earned a profit of 50Australian $.This amount that is earned should be kept in reserve. It should be kept in mind that if the amount that had be kept as a stake is on loss then it is better to withdraw the temptation to invest more in the game.
  • Before the game it should be advisable in checking the table .Focus should be only on the profits that are earned.
  • While playing with the online casino it should be kept in mind that the casino is a reputed one and the payout are published. Casino with random number generator is good while playing online Roulette game.
  • Keeping a printed version of all the tips of this game will be helpful for the player to win a huge amount of money.
  • For the online game some of the online casinos give progressive bets other than the bets that are placed on a normal basis. This game is linked to the jackpot which is called a progressive jackpot. When the player place the bet every time money gets added to this jackpot and after winning the progressive jackpot the player attains a large amount of money from the game.